Walmart toddler boy basics

Walmart toddler boy basics

Does anybody else take a hard left at the produce section to browse the clothing in Walmart? 

At least one item of clothing makes its way into my cart every single grocery run. I figure it blends into our "grocery" bill so it doesn't really count as "shopping" ;). Right? Right! 

Let's talk Wonder Nation. I love Geranimals for baby and toddler basic play tops and shorts (you can't be $3.88) but Wonder Nation is stealing my love for the dress basics.

Dress shirts with a good print are a bit more limited in the toddler styles but the basics are rock solid! If you need polos (two packs for ~$10? holla!) or good shorts and dress pants, they've got you. 

When I'm looking at clothing for my boys, here's my criteria: 

1) Pants have to be slim or skinny through the leg and especially at the ankle. 

2) Materials need to be thick and soft enough that they'll withstand #boylife and be comfy. I hate scratchy, stiff material! 

3) Clothing items get bonus points if they're comfy but don't look sloppy. 

4) Dress shirts need to wash well and not come out wrinkly (hashtag nice try -- most kiddo shirts don't rock this category unless their a soft polo top). 

Anyways, you catch my drift! These Wonder Nation picks below hit all fronts. I will say -- our local Walmart has some fun seasonal colors of most these basic shorts and pants. Go to the store physical and see what they have! Make sure you hold up pants (and shorts!) to make sure they are a true "skinny" fit. 

Ok, enough chit chat! Here is my basics guide. Don't forget to read the others linked below as well. 



1) Wonder Nation two pack of polos ($9.88):

2) Wonder Nation soft navy or tan pants ($9.87): There is a style super similar to this one but the pant leg is a little wider, so make sure you get this one if you like them more "skinny." 

3) Wonder Nation soft navy or tan shorts ($6.50): There is a style that is a little bit thicker for a little bit more but these ones are pretty bomb & the price is one of those you want to brag about to your husband... 

4) Wonder Nation two pack of long sleeve polos ($10.88): I'll be honest, I'm mostly a "white" polo kind-of-gal most the time but I do love a good navy in the winter months paired with a Christmas plaid or fall floral. 

5) French Toast short sleeve dress shirt ($10.88): I haven't been crazy impressed with the online selection of dress shirts on -- usually, there's a little tie/shirt combo in local stores that works and I'll toss the tie for a Stets & Styles one ;). This one is a pretty great little basic shirt though if you want to toss one in your order. Comes in blue, yellow and white. 

6) French Toast long sleeve dress shirt ($10.88): Here is the long sleeve version of the FT dress shirt. 

Side note: These are not 100% dress related but since back-to-school shopping is upon us, how awesome are these two Wal-Mart coats I stumbled upon?

Wonder Nation utility jacket ($12) || Wonder Nation warm system jacket ($25)



What are your faves at Walmart? 

What are your guidelines for buying dress clothes every year for your boys? 

Check out my guide to buying dress clothes for boys here. It has my secret, EASY formula for making boys look fresh without breaking the bank every season.  


Don't forget to check out the other Walmart guides! 



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