Boys Dress Clothes Capsule

Boys Dress Clothes Capsule

To be completely honest, I'm fairly frugal! I'm not a huge "budgeter" per se but I love to find a good deal and I REALLY love to have some type of game plan when I'm shopping so I get what I need and am not overwhelmed.
My game plan also helps prevent buying things I don't need that end up sitting in the closet unworn (biggest pet-peeve with kiddos!). I want those suckers (every clothing item I buy) worn out & used -- that to me is a dollar well-spent!
Anyway. let's call this "game plan" I speak of "my system" from here forward! This little graphic lays it out for you!
This is my system and I use it to guide all my purchases when it comes to boy clothes. The bonus is that much of this is now handed down to my younger boy, so I'm not as much buying him the "staples" (colored in teal) but am just adding in a fun seasonal shirt here and there when I am not needing to size up to replace the said-staples. 
Start with the items in teal. That gives you a solid foundation.
If you have the budget, get the other items on the list (grey!). If you do just that, I PROMISE you, you'll have fun dressing your kiddo & won't get bored. You can create SO MANY outfits with this! You honestly don't need more than TWO dress shirts -- unless your kiddo loves them... but mine just don't haha!
I buy those foundation items at the start of the school year OR pull them out of bins and hand them down to the next kid around that same time.
I mean, if you buy the staples with the new school year, buy them in one full size bigger than what they wear right then. FOR REALS! They can wear them for the full year, promise! 
I buy the items in teal (minus the sweater/blazer) almost every season. That means, I buy one pair of shorts or pants & a colored shirt seasonally (think yellow in fall, blue/green in winter) to keep things fun. THAT'S IT!
Obviously, kids grow like weeds. So you might be saying "not my kid" and you might be right because they might be some cray Johnny & the Beanstock types but for me, the sizing up trick once per year has worked like a charm (thus far ;)). I'm totally fine towards the next year if things are a little shorter since I'd be buying again soon ;). 
Anyway, what do YOU think? Do you have some type of system to help you shop? Anything you swear by? I can't help but think of the frustration it cuts down on, so I love hearing what people do!! 
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