Boy Dress Clothes Formula

Boy Dress Clothes Formula

We get asked all the time why we make so many solid & neutral ties for kiddos. And the honest answer is: VERSATILITY!
Of course we want you to have all the ties but the truth is, you can build so many different outfits with just one or two good neutral ties! They transition so well into each and every season, just by swapping out a couple clothing items. 
Here's my formula for shopping for my boys every season!
1) White long or short sleeve shirt
2) Navy, khaki or grey pants
3) One cardigan or blazer in a neutral color
4) Neutral or solid tie or bow tie
1) Seasonally colored or printed shirt
2) Seasonally colored shorts or pants 
Here's a quick sample with our CHAMBRAY DOT bow tie (ps. these fit ages 2-12 so you'll get a LOT of use out of it!): 
All the items above are from our beloved H&M! I'll add direct links here a bit later but for now, just know H&M is a HIT for boys dress clothes. I think they are decent quality but what I'm mostly attracted to is the price point (hellllllo 3 pair of chinos for $24) and the options. They have literally every color of pants and a good selection of shirts for every season. 
What do you think? Do you have some type of formula you use to buy your kids' dress clothes? 
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